Erasmus+: Multiculturality, diversity, integration

1st meeting in Italy


From 13th November to 23rd November 2019 a group of four pupils and two teachers was in Noventa Vicentina, where we met students and teachers from Estonia, Italy, North Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. The aim of this first meeting was to get to know each other better.

On Monday we arrived in Italy after our unintentional stop in Innsbruck (the Brenner Pass was blocked). We met the Erasmus+-group and our hosts for the first time in Padova, where we visited the town hall and the university with ist anatomical theatre. In the evening we went home to our host families.

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Venice. Our hosts provided wellies for everyone, but the weather wasn`t as bad as we had expected. And the St. Mark`s Square wasn`t even that flooded. We visited the St. Mark`s Basilica and the first ghetto of human history.

On Wednesday we started at school and had the logo contest. The North Macedonian logo won and is now the logo of our whole project. In the afternoon we went to Vicenza, where we visited the Teatro Olimpico and had some free time.

On Thursday we went to Verona. We started at the arena and went to different places and in the end we visited the balcony of Juliet. After this we had some free time. Then we met at the arena to go to the castle. In the afternoon we drove back to school.

On Friday, the last day of our project, we went to school with our hosts and took part in some German lessons. In the evening we had a multicultural dinner and got our certificates.

It was  a great trip and we are already looking forward to the next meetings.

(Maxi, Raphael, Raphael and Roman (9c) together with Mrs Plaggemeier and Mr Müller)

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